La presse culinaire et touristique anglo-saxonne s’enthousiasme pour la Socca

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Casse-croûte ouvrier traditionnel à Nice depuis le début du XXe siècle, la socca connait un renouveau qui suscite l’intérêt de tous, de Londres (The Good Life in France, à New-York (The Kitchn), en passant par Shangaï et Tel Aviv (The Culture Trip).

Les qualités nutritionnelles de ce que certains n’hésitent pas à qualifier de « superfood » en raison des produits naturels qui la composent (pois chiches, riches en protéines, à faible index glucidique et sans gluten, huile d’olive anti-oxydante) sont mises en avant au même titre que sa saveur et sa texture uniques, qui en font un aliment dont la découverte « pourrait bien changer votre vie » dixit The Kitchn.

To our English-speaking visitors

Look out ! The newest healthy and tasty street superfood is coming to you for the first time in Paris !

Ever heard of Socca ? No, it is not a popular sport, but a soon-to-be popular street food, so keep your eyes open to spot the first Socca stall in Paris.

Socca has been the traditional street food in the old town of Nice, on the French Riviera for quite some time now (early 1900s) and it is also known as « farinata » on the neighbouring Italian coast of Liguria.

Yet, it not very well-known outside thoses areas and is yet to be found in Paris.

Fortuntely, THE ZIGS are filling the gap and now opening Socca stalls in the capital and bringing a bit of the sunny southern superfood to the banks of the river Seine.

Why superfood, may you ask ?

Well, first and foremost because this oven-cooked flatbread is made of chickpea flour, olive oil and water, which makes it a natural, high in protein, low sugar gluten-free, non-fried, vegan snack.

The other reasons is that THE ZIGS have selected the best quality ethical produce to prepare their Socca : French organic grown chickpea flour ground in a traditional mill in High-Provence since 1879, and organic Italian olive oil from anti-mafia social cooperatives in Puglia and Calabria.

Not only that, but they are also improving the original recipe by offering new variations including other sunny southern flavours such as tasty mountain rosemary or Italian Grana Padano cheese and many more to discover.

So are you ready to change the way you think about pre-dinner finger food ?

Come and try and share it with your friends, you’ll get a taste of Nice without leaving Paris and you’ll most certainly be back for more.

So French Riviera !


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